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Do you know Dan mitu, a Japanese beautiful woman in her 30s?

At the time she made her debut, it was a woman who became a hot topic in Japan as its popularity rose explosively
That’s why it is a honeycomb. Speaking of dignity, it is very popular both in Japan and abroad.
Her title is not necessarily a gravure idol, but rather a TV talent, as an actress
The image is stronger. And rather than gravure “idol”, it is better to say gravure “model” to the last
It is suitable for her case.

I think so. Today her popularity ‘Netsuke boom’ is quite settled but debuts in the entertainment world
When I came, her popularity was amazing. And again there was momentum.

Although she is an actress or a gravure model, her performance attracted by movies and gravure images is very radical,
It exposes to the limit. She is resistant to show embarrassing parts.
She is rather “a whore woman likes”.

Therefore, the pheromone that she releases from the body is preeminent, and if it is an ordinary man it is almost a moment to breathe.
She has a power like a woman somewhere living in her.

Initially she made her debut, I also loved her. It is beautiful indeed beautiful and stylish, but her charm is not limited to that.
Just if the appearance is only beautiful, there are many other beautiful girls. However, there is “something” that she does not have other women.

It is not something that can be cleared up just by the unit “sex appeal”. Expressing by words is very difficult, but something is different.

It is not only Japan but also foreign users are feeling it …

Her DVD and Blu – ray have been sold quite a lot at overseas auction sites.

To tell the truth, she is a favorite woman from men all over the world.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Many men are captivated by the enchanting pheromones of Dan mitu.

To tell the truth, I am from the same area as her. It is a Japanese countryside, Akita prefecture, Akita has a lot of snow in winter,
It is a very cold place. It is located in the north in Japan.
However, although she was born in Akita prefecture, she just lived in Akita when he was young since he was born and has been in Tokyo since.
I wonder what kind of life she has lived in Tokyo .. Of course I do not know, but she is a very intriguing woman.

The gravure video that she is appearing is popular because its content is extreme. Many buyers of the world, probably for that purpose
I will purchase it. I understand that feeling.

Certainly, she does not get tired of seeing her work, and if you have never seen her work, you should try it once.
I never lose it, nor do I regret it by purchasing. I am distinct from the neighborhood gravure video.

Because she knows the mind’s heart well. I know quite a bit. It will have her character as well, so far in the male career
It might be what we have cultivated.

In any case, if you saw her gravure picture, you will surely be able to appreciate the time going by.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Nonetheless, when I analyze her, she seems to be very clumsy personality.
She is by no means a character to appear before. It is not a conspicuous taste.

She is basically a quiet lady. That’s for sure.
Her present activity in the entertainment world seems to have a time of silence. Her new work Blu-ray and DVD will be the last in 2014, new works
It has not been released.

This is disappointing. I hope someday you will stand in the world of gravure again. She will surely do it ..

A fair and cheerful proportion, a stinging eyes, a magical appearance .. A woman who makes men crazy may say a woman like her.

Thank you,
Spiderdvd : Gen Fujiwara[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

DanMitsu Profile
Another name / Saito Bashijou (Saito Shizuka, real name and former stage name)
Nickname / DM
Birth date / December 3, 1980
Current age / 37 years old
Hometown / Flag of Japan Japan · Akita Prefecture Yokote
Blood type / O type
Nominal size / (as of 2013)
Height / weight / 158 cm / – kg
Three size / 85 – 60 – 89 cm
Cup size / E
Shoe size / 23.5 cm

Debut / 2009
Genre / Gravure
Model Contents / Swimwear, Hair Nudity
Other activities / Talent, Actress
Office / Fit One
Other records
The 37th Japan Academy Prize New Actor Award (“Sweet Whip”)

Quote source : ja.wikipedia.org


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