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Differences in the definition of “gravure model” and “gravure idol” in Japan.

I think that it is probably the same in countries other than Japan, but in Japan “gravure model” and The definition of “gravure idol” is different.
Generally speaking of the gravure model of Japan, women who decorate the cover or spread page of female fashion magazines or manga magazines I say that.

Speaking of gravure idols, on the other hand, for gravure models that appeared mainly in media magazines and advertisements for women,Basically, this gravure idol is basically the medium targeted by men.

Magazines for men, cartoon magazines for men, photograph collections, image videos (gravure videos), and the like are used as media.

There are parts that are common in terms of medium, but what is clear is “its target user”.

Therefore, regardless of gender, “female models” who are appointed as models for advertisements of major companies and large media,There are many things that are preferred, and you can never turn your eyes.

However, with regard to gravure idols, because of their bold and blatant expressions on their respective media and media, they can be seen from the general women with the eyes of the worst There are many things.

Gravure idol costume of Japan

Speaking of the typical one, “Swimming suit” will be listed first. This is a basic costume when photographing a gravure video.
It is very common. It is not too much to say that there are few things that this bathing suit does not appear in gravure images.

Next, it is “underwear”. Part to wear on the body. It is basically the same as a swimsuit, but women usually do not show themselves much to men By photographing a gravure scene in “underwear appearance”, men’s interests should be deeper.

Next is “Cosplay”. This is an abbreviation for “costume play”, but gravure idols dare to introduce various clothes together with situations By changing clothes, variations are expanded by the simple gravure image of “just pose in front of the camera”.

The costume is really varied. It is a school teacher figure, a bunny girl figure, a maid clothes.

“Production company side” familiar with user’s preference is also favored by users even in the light of these considerations We produce the gravure video of the content on a daily basis and send it to the world.

Gravure DVD and Blu – ray are very fast cycles for very new releases. That momentum has a tremendous thing.This may not be limited to gravure video. Music CD, music video, movie, drama.It is common in these media industries.

Graubia advancement such as “women’s announcer” and “sports athlete” far from gravure.

Even though it is a gravure idol, it is not necessarily just a woman who debutted, always aiming for a gravure idol from the beginning.
It is a fact that some women enter the gravure industry from totally different worlds / fields.

Particularly in recent years in Japan, it is not unusual for “women’s announcer” to release gravure photo collections.Ayako Kato, Shima Takeuchi, Mai Dmizu, Minami Tanaka and so on ..

Recently the women’s announcer “Minami Tanaka” who left the Japanese TV station “TBS” is a good example.

Although she also has released gravure photo collections, she decorated the cover of Japan’s popular fashion magazine “anan” with a bold exposure figure, from Japanese citizens There was a big response.
Many men were pleased with this cover visual of her, but on the other hand, some general women gave a complaint.

Unlike the United States and Europe, Japanese women may have a slightly severe “eye” for same sex.


And women’s professional athletes entering the gravure

A professional athlete can do the same thing. Figure Skating “Fumie Suguri” “Mai Asada” Women’s Football Original Nadeshiko Japan “Karina Maruyama” synchronized swimming “Ai Aoki” and so on.
Even if it says gravure, it is never an image video or the like, it also includes photograph collections that appear alone, as well as gravure pages of male magazines.

Some girls’ professional wrestling players also appear in gravure videos.

Women who challenge gravure if their popularity is sluggish in their profession, or work decreases.

Unlike the United States and Europe, Japan is a race who resists exposure of the skin.
Therefore, women of profession irrelevant to gravure in Japan have bold exposure of the skin, gravure photographs and gravure images To take a picture requires considerable resolution.If it is normal, I will not do such a thing.

However, women who live in a professional world regardless of genre, as the popularity is sluggish and the work dramatically decreases, “Barely exposing the skin and appearing in the media”There is a tendency to run to the behavior that.Many of them are “female announcer”, “idol singer” or “actress”.

Although it can not be said unequivocally that exposure will increase if work expands and popularity is necessarily improved, as mentioned above, “bold exposure of the skin”
A Japanese who has a strong sense of resistance to this embarrassing wall decides to move to action, decide to act by exposing your figure in the media The possibility of obtaining empathy from men increases. In a sense this is a fact.

In the Japanese gravure industry, always there is “new gravure idol”, including entering from a different industry from these gravure.

Even our spider Spider DVD, catching the new gravure idol information of these expectations large, and the new gravure DVD and Blu – ray earliest quickly I am planning to sell it in the shop.

Please wait looking forward to it.

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