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Your idol will always smile
in the room.

Japanese gravure idols are not earning anything with gravure video alone.
Their items are diverse. It is the same not only for gravure idols but also for idols.

A typical item is “Calendar”. By the way it is already the year-end season.
From now on the e-commerce market in the world should sell like calendar crazy.

I tried thinking for a moment like selling idol calendar .. even at our shop.
But our shop is a specialty store of “Gravure Idol Media”, so I think that it is still early.

But in the future, I also think that I will expand the width of the product.

So, today I would like to introduce the popular calendar of year-end release of Japanese gravure idols think.

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Nanohana 2018 calendar wall hanging B2



This is a calendar sold by a company called Triax in Japan.
Speaking of the idol calendar in Japan, this is Triax.
This calendar is “wall hanging B2” type.


Nonoka chan’s recommended DVD is here.
This DVD is Region 2.
>>Please look now

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Oyuki Ayaka 2018 calendar


DVD sales are also very popular! A representative of beautiful milk It is Miyuki Ayaka’s beautiful milk picture book (calendar). All cuts are beautiful tits, beautiful tits, beautiful milk … It is just a beautiful milk book.

This is a familiar gravure idol “Ayaka Oonuki”.
We also deal with Ayaka Oonuki’s gravure video at our shop.

Especially popular abroad in Ayaka oonuki’s gravure video is also a DVD in the DVD “Sunshine Romance” as well as DVD in the DVD as Region 2 seems to be popular among European buyers.

br-ayaka-oonuki-3Click here for Ayaka oonuki’s SUNSHINE ROMANCE DVD

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Sara Oshino 2018 calendar

Oshino sara who is paying attention as a race queen or image girl ♪ You can make her plump body all herself! How about such an item?

Sara Oshino chan is a secret popular gravure idol in Japan.

Sara oshino chan seems to be adult, but when it gets disturbed it looks like this. I have lots of pheromones.This is not an ordinary DVD but “magazine’s appendix DVD” will be.

sara-sino-3[/vc_column_text][vc_zigzag color=”blue”][vc_column_text]The calendar of these gravure idols is still a photograph of gravure idol as the center, so the calendar itself is very small and it is hard to see …

But well, well .. I think that everyone’s aim is photos, so I think that there is a problem.
Let’s stick it on the walls of the bedroom as we admire every morning when I get up on a beautiful gravure idol every day. (Laugh)

Thank you

Spider DVD
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