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AKB 48 is very popular beyond the borders

The sale of the idol CD also started!
Today is Japan’s boasting super idol group AKB 48 CD.
Although it is still a gravure idol, the gravure idol which also puts CD also enters inside,
There may be photo albums, calendars, other goods.

Those who want a Japanese idol’s gravure DVD or Blu-ray, surely you would like these other items as well.
So, our shop also thought about selling CDs. Idle goods will increase from now on besides CD.
You can count on me.

By the way, AKB 48 arrived today today, this idol will no longer need to be explained. It is AKB 48 of the famous super idol group in Japan and the world.

AKB 48 was born in 2005, but a lot of sister groups have been born from this first AKB 48 derivation.
Those groups are numerous, but there are so many people, I do not know who they are anymore.

It is surprising to say that the AKB group is not staying in Japan, and overseas AKB group was born.

They do not know that their good progress will stay.

It is because of Yasushi Akimoto’s skill that they have grown so far. I think his prodising ability is wonderful.

Even during selling on eBay, this AKB 48 CD was extremely popular. What are their charm ..?
I have something I had wondered for quite a while. That is because they are cute, but when you look at each person,
It’s not super cute.
It is rather an ordinary girl, rather than a star. However, they are capable of captivating male fans overseas as well as in Japan
It has.
Also, they are not exceptionally singing skills. It’s rather badly gone 🙂

But even such girls were able to stand at the top of the entertainment world.

The root of the popularity of these girls is the power of marketing moving behind the scenes anyway.
To that extent the looks are not very attractive, the songs are not very good, even though the dance is not good though.

Even such girls could become big stars.
Again, the world of entertainment is not a world that can simply be ramped up with just ability.
Of course, there is a high possibility of becoming a star if you have strength.

But it is not necessarily indispensable.

It is a weapon called “young girl” if you say it easily. This is their greatest weapon.

This may also be said in common with the gravure idol world.

engrossed behind the most popular,They Scandal involved.

But indeed the popularity of AKB 48 in Japan still has tremendous things, but at the same time various riots and scandals
There is a certain fact.

Recently, on November 15, 2017, “Minami Tanaka” was discovered to be living with a man older than 15 years old.
Also in December 2017, former AKB ‘s Haruka Shimazaki posted “meaningless” to Twitter and made the world a little troubled.
Yuki Kashiwagi also scattered the photograph embracing the male talent Yuuya Tegosi of Johnny ‘s office on the net.
At this time Japan is a big fuss!

There is Japanese saying that smoke does not stand in a place without fire, but what on earth do they do with their shadows? .
It is AKB 48 which is on the front for selling with a clean image, but in reality its back side may be unexpected terrible thing.
The place of entertainment really is wrapped in deep darkness and veil.

Not only in Japan. The girls who are entering the world to various countries. So I understand that AKB 48 is popular all over the world.

Our mission is to sell “Japanese idol media products” to the world.
And I would like to be pleased by Japanese idol fans around the world.

So, I will continue to add idol CDs in the future. Please stay tuned.

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