yui kohinata

Yui Kohinata,Get more gravure! Two works are not enough. The world is waiting.


Yui Kohinata  has only just begun, she will flapping in gravure now.

It is an introduction of Yui Kohinata from the arrival products of the day today.

She is a girl in Japan, of course, a gravure idol.
However, there are only two gravure videos she is issuing.
“First Love” and “Eden” .. only this.

Too cute she is wasteful.

Although it’s not very cute .. not particularly bad (lol)
Personally I do not dislike it. What would you guess when you saw her (Yui) ..

I have many Japanese DVDs and Blu-Ray of gravure ever to the world
There are things to think about selling …

After all foreigners (from the perspective of Japan) foreign buyers have preference.
Well, indeed it may be a matter of course, but preference is characteristic in some sense.

It is very difficult to express it in words ..

Somewhere I am away from the Japanese, or Japanese like a foreigner .. (especially in the direction of the US and Europe)

Is it okay for overseas buyers to prefer girls feeling close to their own country?

That’s not true ..!

But there are also buyers who pretend to be pretty “girls in Japan” who prefer cute girls.

She changes like a chameleon when taking a gravure photograph.

Some pictures look like sexy and grown-up atmosphere, others have children’s smells clearly.

Which one is the real one?

Oh yeah, I remembered it now. I like her legs. Her legs are thin and really beautiful legs.
Oh, are you also a leg fetish Mr.? Then she recommends it. Just watching her legs makes me feel happy.
I am the same “leg fetish” as yours .. So let’s enjoy together. Her few gravure videos ..
Because there are only two works by any means.

All right, our shop “Spider DVD” has two works as well. As long as there is inventory, you will not miss it.


>>Yui Kohinata’s DVD & Blu-Ray is here.



Anri Sugihara Queen of the popular gravure in the world began selling today!


Today we in stock, Anri Sugihara’s DVD and Blu-Ray.

Products of Anri Sugihara arrived today! But I am a little busy because I am busy.
I’m sorry. I will post it tomorrow. Please wait.
Particular attention is the latest DVD “Last Kiss” of Anri Sugihara !!
This DVD is a masterpiece filled with her culmination.
It is super recommended.

– Last KISS –

anri sugihara Last KISS
anri sugihara Last KISS


By the way, this Anri Sugihara .. If you look at the gravure or the picture, she may have an impression like a woman with a temperament with a strong feeling, but it is a big mistake ..

She is a very faint and gentle character girl.
There is a feeling of slightly natural blurring feeling. She was born in Fukuyama city of Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan.

Her figure is .. her height is unexpectedly low, contrary to the visual appearance. Her height is 157 cm,
Although it is not so low for Japanese, it is never expensive.

She has a terrible history of Japanese television programs and TV dramas. There are quite a few appearances.
It is exactly a multi-talent.

And the most interesting gravure video appearance, there are as many as this can not be counted.

Recent Anri Sugihara, Chan ..

It seems he got it from a friend. Organic shampoo & treatment.

Credit photo : anri-sugihara

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]The gravure model is also hard to keep a beautiful body.
She is in her thirties and attends a gym. Drink “Enzyme” and training this evening!

Thinking calmly, she is already 35 years old! However, the appearance of such pretty bunny girl suits you!

I have a lot of her gravure video. I will keep receiving more and more in the future.Please expect it.

>>Click here for Anri Sugihara ‘s DVD & Blu – Ray.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


here we go! Risa Yoshiki sale start of gravure video!


Risa Yoshiki, her gravure picture is too attractive.

Today, we received nine gravure videos of the popular gravure idol “Risa Yoshiki”. She sells well on eBay auction site, and you can see that demand is high outside Japan.
Risa Yosshiki is a Japanese super gravure idol.
It is not an exaggeration to say that she has already established immovable status in the Japanese gravila industry.
Her refreshing smile. Looks kind. She is overflowing with transparency .. In Japan she’s such a charm
There are a lot of male fans just before knocking down.

She is careful 162 cm, the three size is exactly balanced with “80 · 59 · 88”.
Looking at only the size, you may feel somewhere ordinary, but such “normalness” also
It is also her charm.

But, her biggest weapon is another one. She is pretty when she is wearing clothes, but somewhere
It may seem normal as well.

But it is different! As soon as she takes off her clothes and becomes a swimsuit, that atmosphere turns into a luxurious atmosphere.
She seems to have a magical power of transformation and change.

She has the power to change momentarily from an ordinary woman to a fascinating woman who deceives a man!
That can be said as her greatest charm.

Risa Yoshiki announces marriage with Japanese actor.

risa-yoshiki & Masato Wada

.. But we have regretful information .. Actually, she “married Risa Yoshiki” got married on 22nd November 2017.
Well … sorry. Our idol “Risa Yoshiki” has already become a wife.
This is a tragedy! I can not help it, so let’s support her in the future as before.

She is already 30 years old. It is a wonderful year to marry.

Her husband who is interested is Mr. Masato Wada of Japanese actor. A beard is growing, a young man.

The gravure video on which she plays shows a variety of faces. Sometimes innocently, sometimes sexy and mature ..
She will leave a strong message to us without having to say a word.
If you watch the video of Risa Yoshiki you surely feel the same way.

>>Click here to see Risa Yoshiki’s media.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


We in Ai Shnozaki New stock 14 item, but there are too many recommendations.


Today’s arrival product is that popular idol “Ai Shinozaki”.Perhaps you also know .. Her cuteness is a super-class item.

Circular eyes. Sexy body feeling .. none of this is also wonderful.

Well today I received about 14 DVDs and Blu – ray on her.


this! This is reputable.

In addition to gravure, she “Ai Shinozaki” sings songs and issues CDs, and also releases several photo albums.
Her big fan men in Japan, many of whom are not only cute for her appearance but also in her singing voice
There seem to be many people who are fascinated.

If the idol succeeding in gravure goes on and it puts out CD, in many cases there are many patterns that fail,
In her case it may be a success.

In particular, her CD “A-G-A-I-N” released on April 17, 2015
This CD sold quite a lot on eBay. But I have not heard it yet 🙂

Well I think I will ask if there is a chance later.


This is also a DVD released October 8, 2015, but this is also a work that was popular both in Japan and abroad.
This is also recommended. It is worth a visit.

However, since it is Ai Shinozaki of well-ordered majors, there is no doubt that it is worth seeing any media.

This is a nice jacket image than the contents … It is a beautiful visual.

Even cute Ai-chan is even more cute looking. The best.
It is awesome to be able to watch Ai-chan for nearly an hour for recording time of about 95 minutes.

As of now, our shop is specialty for gravure, but if you have any request, Ai Shinozaki’s photo album and CD
It is possible to sell. In that case please contact us from this “inquiry form”.

>> Ai Shinozaki media list is here



Sayaka Okada Gravure Blu-Ray ” Silk ” restocked!

Finally I posted all the titles of “Anna Konno” today.
There are 19 titles of “Anna Konno” in all.
But now I am active in actress work, so I do not know if her gravure will be seen in the future. (sad..)

A wonderful talent and beautiful woman born in Japan and China.That is Sayaka Okada,

By the way, although the story will change, I will introduce a pretty beautiful girl gravure model which was in stock today.
That name is “Sayaka Okada” (chan).

This girl is pretty cute.
This girl is also active in television programs and radio, and it is also the stage of Japan’s famous fashion show
I also have a leading role in “Tokyo Girls Collection”.
In any case she has a good style! !

The father is Japanese, the mother is actually half of the Chinese.

Hobby is “Manga, Game, Anime” especially 【Love Live! I am a big fan of.

Also she is a talented woman, highly educated. High school is famous “Aoyama Gakuin High School” after graduating from high school “Aoyama Gakuin University college of international politics and economics”I am considerably smart.

To be surprised is still early, she has such a cute face and has a title of “Woman Pro Mahjong”.I can hardly imagine from the appearance ..

I think that you can see by looking at the picture, it is a super slender body.
The feeling that this underwear is slightly wet is very sexy and sexy.[/vc_column_text][vc_zigzag color=”turquoise”][vc_column_text]

A slender body with a height of 170 c tall.
Probably her blu ray will not come out for the time being. Please get it now.


She always looks like “Kyoto” when I take a picture, but that is one of the charms.
And her biggest feature is its height is 170 cm! In America and Europe this may be normal, but my country
It’s a woman in Japan and a height of 170 cm is a huge girl (laugh)

I feel like she is getting thinner than she looks at gravure video now.

However, she can watch her beautiful body that made it a bit plump in her Blu – ray video “Silk” arrived today.
This work “Silk” is a title that I had a very good reputation when I sold it on the eBay auction site in the USA.
It really sell well.

Are you Blu-ray fighter than DVD? After all Blu-ray has better image quality and higher quality ..

Oh … I forgot to say, she is also an exclusive model of a popular fashion magazine “non-no” for Japanese young ladies.
Our shop is a shop specializing in gravure, but please do not hesitate to say that such a fashion magazine in Japan wanted.

To find. It is decided to be there. And we will sell it to you at a reasonable price.
Please be assured we will send it anywhere in the world.

Please see the popular>>[ Blu-ray “Silk” of sayaka okada] here.


Sakaya Okada
(Okada Sayaka, February 19, 1994 -) is a Japanese gravure idol, fashion model, pro-singer.
I am from Tokyo. Artist house · Pyramid belongs
Sakaya Okada
Nickname Okayo
Birth date February 19, 1994
Current age 23 years
Hometown Japan’s flag Japan / Tokyo
Blood type O type
Nominal size (as of 2016 [1])
Height / Weight 170 cm / – kg
Three Size 85 – 58 – 83 cm
Cup size G
Inseam / Height ratio 97.3 cm / 57.2%
Shoe size 24.5 cm
Unit system conversion [Display]
Debut 2011
Genre fashion
Other Activity Mahjong
Office Artist House Pyramid
Credit ; wikpedia


Annna Konno She has a calm atmosphere. Arrived today.


Anna Konno..She turned into an actress.
Let’s get her video off the gravure world right now.

Anna Konno

Hello! All Japanese gravure fans in the world.

Today’s new arrival item is Japan’s popular gravure model “Anna Konno”.
She is 28 years old now. For a young and easy-to-see Japanese .. She looks very mature.
It is a calm and baptized atmosphere.

Her charm is that plenty of breasts. It is a sexy lip.

If you see her gravure picture, it is certainly a mistake to be her prisoner.

Have you ever seen her gravure video somewhere?

But, in fact, she is now moving away from the gravure idol and into actress.
Yes, she began a new path. That is the occupation of an actress.

Have you noticed anymore? Oh yeah .. so that her gravure video for the time being new will be released
That is not to be done!

So, if you have been interested in her for a while, get it now while you are out of print
That means that you are better off.

It may not be seen anymore .. her gravure video …

Today, I have one piece of information.
She was chosen as the cover of Japan’s popular magazine “Saizo.”

Her photos at this magazine “Saizo” are also very sexy and mature.

That’s right. She is a very hard worker and I am an avid woman.
And he is a hard worker.
The spirit of challenging everything, we have to follow them as well ..

A gravure movie in which she plays, the message she tells us in the picture is very strong.
Of course it may not be a word because it is gravure.

It is a circular eyes and it is an aura that leaves her body.
If you see her gravure picture you need to feel it.

She has the power to express them with the body.
That is her talent.

Her gravure, so it is worth. I feel that way.

So our shop “Spider DVD” wants to deliver her gravure video to the gravure fans all over the world.
Please get it before you can not lose by all means. I am surely satisfied.

If you have a big display ..

A moment when you see her video will surely be a fulfilling time for you.

>>Anna Konno DVD&Blu-Ray, Now Click[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Today’s arrival of DVD & Blu-Ray products. The attention is Marina Nagasawa.

Today’s arrival of DVD & Blu-Ray products. The attention is Marina Nagasawa.

Popular now, Marina Nagasawa DVD & Blu-ray arrived!
On November 25, 2017, today Mrina Nagasawa, popular idol, Sasami Ami, and a boyish girl “RaMu’s” title arrived.
Sasano Ami is a very big and sexy girl, RaMu is a cool and boyish girl.
Today I was working on updating the shop until late at night as usual. I’m pretty tired .. now it’s on the verge of going down.
However still our shop has few item points. (I have to increase it more …)

Although our shop is still young, I will do my best to become a monster gravure shop from now.

By the way Do you know Nagasawa Marina?

Marina Nagasawa is a popular gravure idol of Japan. But she is popular all over the world as well as in Japan.
A member of former school princess. I am from Saitama prefecture of Japan.
She is really small and looks like a little sister.

The height is 153 cm, it is small.

Unfortunately there is not much of her gravure media.
But at our shop we got it all!

By the way this girl “Nagasaka Marina” was talked about in Russia before “Miss ID 2016”
Sometimes. However, it is quite a while ago in 2015.
The reason for becoming that topic is “There is a beautiful girl who resembles Cheburashka ..!?”
I do not know who this is Cheburashka …

Is it because she seems to have too many searches?

I was worried so I looked it up looking at YOUTUBE … and then … indeed the comment field
There are plenty of Russian comments that I do not understand! !


What is Miss ID?

Apparently it is a mis ID that the Kodansha-sponsored audition project seeking “2016 girls who have never seen before in a new era”
It seems to be. It is totally unknown. I am not so familiar with Japanese me.

Including DVD & Blu-Ray of Marina Nagasawa, other arrival products.
Please see by all means!

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Shizuka Nakamura,DVD, Blu-Ray is in in stock progress now.

Shizuka Nakamura, it is Japanese super gravure idol.
Her popular DVD, Blu-Ray is in in stock progress now.

Shizuka Nakamura

Do you know the Japanese super gravure idol “Shizuka Nakamura”?
She is by no means mature but she is a very pretty girl idol with a baby face.
Its appearance looks like a character in the world of animation.
The color of the skin turns white. Circular eyes, round face and plump face .. It is exactly a typical Japanese idol face.

Now in our shop “SpiderDVD”, Shizuka Nakamura DVDs and Blu-ray are in stock one after another. But there are still more.
This is not the end. It will be added from now. do not worry.

If you do not know about her yet, on this occasion she has plenty of her pretty appearance
How about having fun?

You surely will be healed by Shizuka’s cute, innocent smile.

Of course the author also loves her! very good!

She is not just a gravure idol. She has talent besides gravure.
He appeared in every television program in Japan and the reporter business is also ripe. Her job for the first time is very powerful.

She is eager for such work and will seriously challenge gravure photography. She is a very good student and a hard worker.

That’s why the gravure DVD that she appeared and Blu – ray have a high degree of completion. The number of works currently, 100 titles over
It is over. Of course, this is the number of works. It will also depend on your taste.

So, if you like her (Shizuka Nakamura), you can take a closer look at the best media (work) for you
I want you to choose it.

>>Shizuka Nakamura Product click here now

Gen Fujiwara

The birth of SpiderDVD.

Hello! Gravure fan all over the world

We have launched a mail order shop specializing in Japanese gravure idols!
The shop name is “SpiderDVD” What do you think of this name?
As a result of thinking and thinking carefully, we thought of this simple shop name which caught up .. 🙂
I will introduce myself anew. I am called Gen Fujiwara representative of “SpiderDVD”. Born in Japan, raised in Japan. I still live in Japan.
I myself have sold Japanese gravure idols DVDs and Blu-ray, they are sold on eBay, the world’s largest auction site. I noticed that these products are loved by users around the world such as America and Europe.
Certainly, Japanese girls are beautifully cute. It is really sexy and charming.
I am sure that you are interested in the Japanese ‘s Clavian idol. That is enough. That’s why we want to deliver the media of Japanese gravure idols to many users all over the world.
From that wish, this shop “SpiderDVD” was born.
The number of goods, settlement security. There are various problems now at present. However, we will continue to solve the problem one by one. Please stay tuned.
We will never betray you.
Please look forward to our activities in the future.
We will nurture it as “the world’s largest gravure DVD & Blu-Ray specialty store” in the world.

Thank you in the future.

CyberBronx: Gen Fujiwara


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