CD sales of Japanese super idol AKB 48 started!

AKB 48 is very popular beyond the borders

The sale of the idol CD also started!
Today is Japan’s boasting super idol group AKB 48 CD.
Although it is still a gravure idol, the gravure idol which also puts CD also enters inside,
There may be photo albums, calendars, other goods.

Those who want a Japanese idol’s gravure DVD or Blu-ray, surely you would like these other items as well.
So, our shop also thought about selling CDs. Idle goods will increase from now on besides CD.
You can count on me.

By the way, AKB 48 arrived today today, this idol will no longer need to be explained. It is AKB 48 of the famous super idol group in Japan and the world.

AKB 48 was born in 2005, but a lot of sister groups have been born from this first AKB 48 derivation.
Those groups are numerous, but there are so many people, I do not know who they are anymore.

It is surprising to say that the AKB group is not staying in Japan, and overseas AKB group was born.

They do not know that their good progress will stay.

It is because of Yasushi Akimoto’s skill that they have grown so far. I think his prodising ability is wonderful.

Even during selling on eBay, this AKB 48 CD was extremely popular. What are their charm ..?
I have something I had wondered for quite a while. That is because they are cute, but when you look at each person,
It’s not super cute.
It is rather an ordinary girl, rather than a star. However, they are capable of captivating male fans overseas as well as in Japan
It has.
Also, they are not exceptionally singing skills. It’s rather badly gone 🙂

But even such girls were able to stand at the top of the entertainment world.

The root of the popularity of these girls is the power of marketing moving behind the scenes anyway.
To that extent the looks are not very attractive, the songs are not very good, even though the dance is not good though.

Even such girls could become big stars.
Again, the world of entertainment is not a world that can simply be ramped up with just ability.
Of course, there is a high possibility of becoming a star if you have strength.

But it is not necessarily indispensable.

It is a weapon called “young girl” if you say it easily. This is their greatest weapon.

This may also be said in common with the gravure idol world.

engrossed behind the most popular,They Scandal involved.

But indeed the popularity of AKB 48 in Japan still has tremendous things, but at the same time various riots and scandals
There is a certain fact.

Recently, on November 15, 2017, “Minami Tanaka” was discovered to be living with a man older than 15 years old.
Also in December 2017, former AKB ‘s Haruka Shimazaki posted “meaningless” to Twitter and made the world a little troubled.
Yuki Kashiwagi also scattered the photograph embracing the male talent Yuuya Tegosi of Johnny ‘s office on the net.
At this time Japan is a big fuss!

There is Japanese saying that smoke does not stand in a place without fire, but what on earth do they do with their shadows? .
It is AKB 48 which is on the front for selling with a clean image, but in reality its back side may be unexpected terrible thing.
The place of entertainment really is wrapped in deep darkness and veil.

Not only in Japan. The girls who are entering the world to various countries. So I understand that AKB 48 is popular all over the world.

Our mission is to sell “Japanese idol media products” to the world.
And I would like to be pleased by Japanese idol fans around the world.

So, I will continue to add idol CDs in the future. Please stay tuned.

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Female statue of popular gravure model “Dan mitu” boasted by Japan.


Do you know Dan mitu, a Japanese beautiful woman in her 30s?

At the time she made her debut, it was a woman who became a hot topic in Japan as its popularity rose explosively
That’s why it is a honeycomb. Speaking of dignity, it is very popular both in Japan and abroad.
Her title is not necessarily a gravure idol, but rather a TV talent, as an actress
The image is stronger. And rather than gravure “idol”, it is better to say gravure “model” to the last
It is suitable for her case.

I think so. Today her popularity ‘Netsuke boom’ is quite settled but debuts in the entertainment world
When I came, her popularity was amazing. And again there was momentum.

Although she is an actress or a gravure model, her performance attracted by movies and gravure images is very radical,
It exposes to the limit. She is resistant to show embarrassing parts.
She is rather “a whore woman likes”.

Therefore, the pheromone that she releases from the body is preeminent, and if it is an ordinary man it is almost a moment to breathe.
She has a power like a woman somewhere living in her.

Initially she made her debut, I also loved her. It is beautiful indeed beautiful and stylish, but her charm is not limited to that.
Just if the appearance is only beautiful, there are many other beautiful girls. However, there is “something” that she does not have other women.

It is not something that can be cleared up just by the unit “sex appeal”. Expressing by words is very difficult, but something is different.

It is not only Japan but also foreign users are feeling it …

Her DVD and Blu – ray have been sold quite a lot at overseas auction sites.

To tell the truth, she is a favorite woman from men all over the world.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Many men are captivated by the enchanting pheromones of Dan mitu.

To tell the truth, I am from the same area as her. It is a Japanese countryside, Akita prefecture, Akita has a lot of snow in winter,
It is a very cold place. It is located in the north in Japan.
However, although she was born in Akita prefecture, she just lived in Akita when he was young since he was born and has been in Tokyo since.
I wonder what kind of life she has lived in Tokyo .. Of course I do not know, but she is a very intriguing woman.

The gravure video that she is appearing is popular because its content is extreme. Many buyers of the world, probably for that purpose
I will purchase it. I understand that feeling.

Certainly, she does not get tired of seeing her work, and if you have never seen her work, you should try it once.
I never lose it, nor do I regret it by purchasing. I am distinct from the neighborhood gravure video.

Because she knows the mind’s heart well. I know quite a bit. It will have her character as well, so far in the male career
It might be what we have cultivated.

In any case, if you saw her gravure picture, you will surely be able to appreciate the time going by.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Nonetheless, when I analyze her, she seems to be very clumsy personality.
She is by no means a character to appear before. It is not a conspicuous taste.

She is basically a quiet lady. That’s for sure.
Her present activity in the entertainment world seems to have a time of silence. Her new work Blu-ray and DVD will be the last in 2014, new works
It has not been released.

This is disappointing. I hope someday you will stand in the world of gravure again. She will surely do it ..

A fair and cheerful proportion, a stinging eyes, a magical appearance .. A woman who makes men crazy may say a woman like her.

Thank you,
Spiderdvd : Gen Fujiwara[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

DanMitsu Profile
Another name / Saito Bashijou (Saito Shizuka, real name and former stage name)
Nickname / DM
Birth date / December 3, 1980
Current age / 37 years old
Hometown / Flag of Japan Japan · Akita Prefecture Yokote
Blood type / O type
Nominal size / (as of 2013)
Height / weight / 158 cm / – kg
Three size / 85 – 60 – 89 cm
Cup size / E
Shoe size / 23.5 cm

Debut / 2009
Genre / Gravure
Model Contents / Swimwear, Hair Nudity
Other activities / Talent, Actress
Office / Fit One
Other records
The 37th Japan Academy Prize New Actor Award (“Sweet Whip”)

Quote source : ja.wikipedia.org



Manami Hashimoto DVD & Blu-Ray arrives today All gathered.


Just the right age she plays the best performance.

The arrival product of the day is “Manami Hashimoto”.
Both DVD and Blu – ray are perfectly arranged!
Manammi Hashimoto is a popular gravure idol in Japan.
Among Japanese men who love her, she is said to be “the woman No.1 who wants to be a mistress”.

She is 33 years old, so basically the image is different from the young gravure idol.

It is an impression of a moist and calm adult woman ..
Excellent style. The legs are also beautiful and very beautiful legs.

And although she has a strong impression of being a gravure idol, she is actually working very well as an actress. There are so many movies and dramas she is appearing.

She was born in a rural area called Yamagata Prefecture in Japan. Yes .. The area called Yamagata prefecture
It is countryside in north direction in Japan as well.

By the way, I am a representative of SpiderDVD, I am from Akita prefecture and it is very close to Yamagata.
So Akita prefecture is also in the countryside like Yamagata prefecture.

Her is There are many photo collections, but there are more “digital photo books” than that.

I am thinking of handling her photo collection in our shop in the future as well.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Unlike young gravure idols, not only swimwear, kimono matches.
A 33-year-old sexy beauty “Manami Hashimoto” can never be a young gravure idol
You can perform performance.
Certainly her fans may have many middle-aged men, but that’s why the age range of fans is wide, too.

Here is a photo album of “Manami Hashimoto released on September 29, 2017
” bicho bicho ”

Manami Hashimoto photo book[bicho bicho] Credit photo : Amazon.co.jp

It is a strange title … but it’s quite popular.

The best recommendation that I received today today is this.

Image taken by Manami chan in the Thai paradise.
This DVD was pretty popular on eBay.

>>For details, click here

Manami chan will also appear on such an extreme image.
In this video, she is the character of the housing estate wife.
I am excited just by listening to words.


Sample video

>>Product details are here.

Why do not you join us on a “secret journey” with her?
You can see her various facial features such as country house, coast, etc.
It is a DVD with very original origin that you can experience a mysterious story.

>>Product details are here.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Her all the media has gathered, but I think that new work will probably be on sale soon.
SpiderDVD gets the new media of Manami Hashimoto as soon as possible and sells it!

Thank you,

Spider DVD
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At the end of the year, you can sell a lot of gravure idols’ calendars on the market.


Your idol will always smile
in the room.

Japanese gravure idols are not earning anything with gravure video alone.
Their items are diverse. It is the same not only for gravure idols but also for idols.

A typical item is “Calendar”. By the way it is already the year-end season.
From now on the e-commerce market in the world should sell like calendar crazy.

I tried thinking for a moment like selling idol calendar .. even at our shop.
But our shop is a specialty store of “Gravure Idol Media”, so I think that it is still early.

But in the future, I also think that I will expand the width of the product.

So, today I would like to introduce the popular calendar of year-end release of Japanese gravure idols think.

[/vc_column_text][vc_zigzag color=”blue”][vc_column_text]

Nanohana 2018 calendar wall hanging B2



This is a calendar sold by a company called Triax in Japan.
Speaking of the idol calendar in Japan, this is Triax.
This calendar is “wall hanging B2” type.


Nonoka chan’s recommended DVD is here.
This DVD is Region 2.
>>Please look now

[/vc_column_text][vc_zigzag color=”blue”][vc_column_text]

Oyuki Ayaka 2018 calendar


DVD sales are also very popular! A representative of beautiful milk It is Miyuki Ayaka’s beautiful milk picture book (calendar). All cuts are beautiful tits, beautiful tits, beautiful milk … It is just a beautiful milk book.

This is a familiar gravure idol “Ayaka Oonuki”.
We also deal with Ayaka Oonuki’s gravure video at our shop.

Especially popular abroad in Ayaka oonuki’s gravure video is also a DVD in the DVD “Sunshine Romance” as well as DVD in the DVD as Region 2 seems to be popular among European buyers.

br-ayaka-oonuki-3Click here for Ayaka oonuki’s SUNSHINE ROMANCE DVD

[/vc_column_text][vc_zigzag color=”blue”][vc_column_text]

Sara Oshino 2018 calendar

Oshino sara who is paying attention as a race queen or image girl ♪ You can make her plump body all herself! How about such an item?

Sara Oshino chan is a secret popular gravure idol in Japan.

Sara oshino chan seems to be adult, but when it gets disturbed it looks like this. I have lots of pheromones.This is not an ordinary DVD but “magazine’s appendix DVD” will be.

sara-sino-3[/vc_column_text][vc_zigzag color=”blue”][vc_column_text]The calendar of these gravure idols is still a photograph of gravure idol as the center, so the calendar itself is very small and it is hard to see …

But well, well .. I think that everyone’s aim is photos, so I think that there is a problem.
Let’s stick it on the walls of the bedroom as we admire every morning when I get up on a beautiful gravure idol every day. (Laugh)

Thank you

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Yuko Ogura, Her gravure which celebrated 34 years old is a rare item of high value.


will not lose its beauty no matter how long it takes

Yuko Ogura is a Japanese variety talent.
She is already over 30 years old, it is a pretty good year.
When she made her debut, she was a “typical cute childborne character”.
But then he got married to a hair-making artist and settled down for a housewife.
She was a regular married life, but she is divorced because of her husband ‘s “affair problem”.

Originally it seems that the relationship between married couples was not so good.

She is very cute … Even now I am 34 years old (as of December 2017)

Basically it is not a type that is liked by same sex.

In Japan, “pretty child-baby character” like her is disliked by women.

But it is supported from men.

As I wrote in the previous article, Japanese women have severe eyes on same-sex age of the same age.

Given her age, no more gravure DVD or Blu-ray new work will come out ..

In other words, her media currently being distributed in Japan is very valuable.

Many things are difficult to obtain even in Japan.

Here is the DVD “I MISS YOU” released in December 2015

yuko ogura I Miss You Blu-Ray
yuko ogura I Miss You Blu-Ray

It is two years ago so it is quite a recent product. Moreover, it is worldwide common region free.
You can also play it in your country. For DVDs released in Japan, region free is few in number.

Looking at the jacket picture, her beauty and youth still seems to be still alive. It has not changed.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Between ourselves. I think that most people are reading abroad who are reading this blog, so I will talk about it.
Production that she belongs to “Platinum Production” .. Actually this entertainment production is quite behind in the industry rumors of evil
Yes. It seems that “YAKUZA” in Japan is lurking behind. Is it “Mafia” which is called overseas?

Well all the entertainment industry is such a thing. It is normal to have YAKUZA involved behind the scenes.

I do not know if she (Yuko Ogura chan) knows this or not ..

But Japan is a safe and safe country .. Overseas entertainment world is more amazing .. probably …

Child of Yuko Ogura.
Unfortunately am hiding with eyes.

2 shots with “Nana Szuki” of Variety Talent.
I can not see it in the very thirties (Yukorin ..)
very cute.


For those who do not know Yuko Ogura chan, I will introduce one video.It is not gravure.

If you do not know about her in case.
I encourage you to appreciate her sexy appearance once.
Petite and charming .. Yuko Ogura like kitty is the best!

Thank you,

Spider DVD
Gen Fujiwara[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

japanese girl

Men in the world,Do like Japanese girls?


Japanese girls seem to be preferred by men of the world.

Even in eBay sale, I hear stories on the internet and acquaintances ..
It seems that there are really many people in the world who like girls in Japan.
It simply is simply because Japanese young women look older young, smaller in shape and skin color is white too?

I know that there are many men who prefer Japanese girls in the world, but I do not quite understand the concrete and clear reasons.

Certainly myself, Japanese girls think that there are many cute girls, and I am a Japanese naturally, so I like Japanese ladies the most, of course. The reason is because I am a Japanese.
It’s a simple reason.

That’s why Westerners prefer American women in the same way .. Is British men like to prefer British women in the usual way? .. I was thinking myself like that.

However, the recognition seems to be a little different.

Certainly, although it is said that there are many men who like Japanese girls in the world, it is not that they are not interested in girls in their country .. Of course.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Then why did I think that way ..?

That is because men in Japan are basically not interested in overseas women.
Yes .. Japanese men do not like American blond hair women and Westerners much.
Although it does not mean dislike, there are few men who prefer Japanese women in Europe, America, Europe, or other countries in Japan.

Not that I do not have it, but it is very few.

Do not get me wrong. I do not deny women in Europe, the USA, and Europe.
Female models in Europe, the US and Europe all understand that superbodies are outstanding in super bodies. Even if it looks like a face it understands that it is as beautiful as a doll made doing.

That’s right. Many Japanese men are not good at ‘too much perfection super beautiful woman’ in Europe, America and Europe! !

I do not dislike it.It is too perfect.

Also, many Japanese men, slender women are not very popular.
It depends on the age of men, but the more young men, the less they like thin women.

That ‘s why Japanese young 20 – something man likes women who are “a bit more fat than ordinary” women. The point that this “a bit fat” is important.
It does not mean nothing like gigantic.

No matter how slender and style it is, Japanese men do not feel sexy in their fineness. (Of course there are men who likes it ..)
This is Personal preference, but the preference of Japanese male women basically has this tendency.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Japanese girls.
It might be a little Unintelligible if you see it from overseas men.

japanese girl fashion
japanese girl fashion


That’s why ..
The body shape of Europe, the United States and Europe is much bigger than the Japanese.
So, is it that small girls like Japanese girls look attractive? .

Japanese girls’ clothes. It may be a mystery if you look at it from overseas men. You might laugh.

Japanese girls’ clothes are flashy. Furthermore, there are many clothes like young girls.

If you are looking at it from overseas men, it might look like a mistake ..
In Japan, that is normal.

Not only clothes, but also watches Japanese girls tend to like gorgeous designs, cute design watches.

For example, young women in Europe and the US prefer calm, mature and simple designs than cute design watches.

But Japanese women are different. I think this is a big difference between Japan and the United States.

We will continue to increase the media of Japanese gravure idols loved from such a world in the future. Please stay tuned.

Thank you for reading so far.

Spider DVD
Gen Fujiwara[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Eternal super gravure idol Yukie Kawamura sales started.

After all, Japanese men are knocked out in Yukie chan ‘s wicked body.

Yukie Kawamura is super super gravure idol in Japan.
You should already know it.

She is from Japan’s northern country (Hokkaido · Otaru city).

The place called Hokkaido is the coldest in Japan, the area in the northernmost part.
The amount of snow is amazing.

Born and raised in Hokkaido in such a cold place, she must be patient, patient and patient.

When I was still on sale on eBay, her Blu Ray was very good at selling.

I guess her popularity is still alive now.

Her twitter posts are not like gravure idols, there are a lot of posts content that is awful.

In Bku-Ray [Beach Angel], Yukie chan enjoyed playing on the Island of Hawaii,

There are also quite a Kiwadoi scene .. Also at the Blu Ray there are plenty of her innocent real face
It is also a great dish.

Japanese men basically do not like women who are too thin.
Many men prefer women of a system that is slightly meatable. Most men think so.
In that sense she (Yukie Kawamura) is a woman with an ideal system for Japanese men.

Not too thin, not too thick .. But the chest and buttocks are large, plenty of volume feeling ..
Her charm is such a point.

It may be a gravure idol that is forever immortal.

Her drooping eyes are not eyes that provoke men. It is an eyes to a man rather than a provocation.
Her troublesome eyes to show in the gravure picture can be seen as a girl with a mildly rather than inviting a man.

When I look at her appearance gravure, I feel that it is different from any other gravure idols, too.
After all, there must be something that can only be shown to her. It may be an aura that is released from her whole body.

Not only beautiful but also a beautiful woman inside. It is surely Yukie chan.

Her sexy legs are sexy in barefoot, stockings, netting tights or anything you wear.
Even with the same content I felt by the performer (gravure idol) will be different.

After all, is not it the best that you see the images of your favorite gravure idols?

It looks like it looks invisible .. Her cheerful and plump breasts are exposed to the limit, but you can see everything
It is not. Watching while enjoying such a dilemma of your favorite gravure idols, and also to gravure video
It is also one of enjoyment methods.

Her titles are numerous, but none of them are also of high quality, it has one loss and there is no loss.
It is not all that we arrived today, but I will add more and more from now.

After all her weapon is breast. My heart is the best weapon. There is no useless luxury anywhere and it is sold in a slender flesh
I think that it is a gravure idol contrasting with Risa Yoshiki.

She never plays a professional work in the picture. The various poses she shows can be awkward somewhere,
I feel frustration.
Image that time flows slowly. But despite such frustration and this is only popular and veteran,
Yukie chan will do amateur smell acting (pose) …

Such a place may be her biggest charm.
I will continue to add media from Yukie Kawamura.

Please see from the link below.Yukie Nakammura DVD&Blu-Ray


Gen Gujiwara

In order for the Japanese gravure idols to win the glory. Its most important element.


Just saying that appearance is cute, will pass. The occupation of Japanese gravure idols.

I do not know much about the actual situation of the pure gravure industry other than Japan.Rather than originally from the United States, the gravure industry in European countries What is defined as? What is it as a gravure idol or a gravure model?

From the author’s point of view, it is very vague. It is like a gravure idol in Japan ..That is, an American gravure idol of similar existence.
I feel that I have not seen much of its existence.

I know that the definition of “idol” is very different in America and England from Japan.

But is not the big decisive difference between Japan and the United States or Britain its performance ability ..?
Although this does not deny gravure idols of home country (Japan) nevertheless, in terms of entertainment nature, Japan’s gravure idol .. it is considerably inferior to overseas (USA and Europe) etc. I feel like.

A Japanese woman who is pleased to be told that “young”. A Japanese woman who is pleased to be praised as “looking younger than the actual age”.
Unlike the United States in Japan, “looking young” for women is the greatest praise.

It is exactly opposite to the United States where a calm and baptized adult woman is attractive than a young woman.

In America, the word “looks younger than actual age” means = stupid. …
It seems to be, but this is something the Japanese does not feel at all.
Rather, in Japan this “stupidly looking girl” is sometimes called “cute!”
Yes .. Even in Japan “foolish woman”, it is often the biggest charm point for that girl.

It is reflected in the world of gravure entertainment. Many gravure idols in the video of Japanese gravure video shake the body and lie on the bed.

First of all, Her do not show off amazing dance and singing voice.

What she shows is “a scene that simply eats a banana” or “a scene licking a candy”.
Of course it is not everything ..

Many Japanese gravure videos have such a sight.
However, in Japan, it is the biggest gravure entertainment that makes this kind of simple and usual casual appearance in private life.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”turquoise” style=”dotted” border_width=”3″][vc_column_text]

In Japan, what men want for gravure idols. It is beauty and natural cuteness of nature.

A man of Japanese gravure fan. They do not seek outstanding dance performances or singing skills for their favorite girls (gravure idols).
What they are seeking is a cute gesture of idols and also expressions.
One thing in it is “camera eye”. This might be the same even overseas, but Japanese men also very much like this “camera perspective”.

As mentioned above, it also includes casual gestures and actions that have reproduced private life.
In other words, in Japan ‘s gravure industry, in order for Idol to rise to Stardom, “How much appearance is cute and beautiful is greatly influenced.

As mentioned above, it also includes casual gestures and actions that have reproduced private life. In other words, in Japan ‘s gravure industry, in order for Idol to rise to Stardom, “How much appearance is cute and beautiful is greatly influenced.

Certainly, just that is not enough, but does the popularity rise or fall in that idol?
I think that it is not an exaggeration to say that it is decided from about 70% to 80%, depending on whether the daughter’s appearance (appearance) is good or bad.

Afterwards, her only requirement is “expression power”. As mentioned above, there is also little need for excellent dancing and singing.

In front of the shooting camera “How much cute gesture can act · How much you can make a cute expression … Her are the ability that they are required.
If her can clear it even, if Her appearance is lovely, beautiful and has excellent proportions, I feel that there is a high possibility that it will rise to Stardom.

That’s why, this is not to say neglecting Japanese gravure idols. This is the reality of the Japanese gravure industry and it is the fact.

However, of course it is not entirely complete. It goes without saying that the office to which her belong and the strong marketing power of the people working in the background and the power of strong backup will influence.

I do not know how overseas men feel like this unique “Japanese gravure entertainment”, but surely, it is very fresh, maybe it makes me feel interesting and exciting?

If you feel this way, please enjoy exciting images of Japanese gravure idols by all means.

Gen Fujiwara[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Sexy beautiful woman who left Japanese Tomomi Morisaki,It started selling today.


You probably have been waiting. Tomomi Morisaki’s DVD & Blu-Ray, arrival Sales start!

Tomomi Morisaki is a Japanese sexy gravure idol.
I am surprised that she is 25 years old at the moment. It seems that age is going a little more than rude.
But it is a good meaning .. so .. she is an adult woman with a very calm atmosphere.
An outstanding proportion after all! Her style is impeccable.

Posting on her own Twitter is often warned because it contains unscrupulous content ..
However, even if I look at her twitter posted content, I do not think there is anything unscrupulous.

Why do you get warned? .. She may be such a fate.
It is serious because I have to press the “display” button every time to see her twitter post.
It is very troublesome.

Well .. In short.
Her is style , it is said that appearance is a typical system that completely a foreigner like.. (Foreigner means other than Japanese)
A system with Japanese separation, and black long hair, waisted waist. Alongside her American gravure model her appearance does not it make a fairly good game?

She seems to drink alcohol.

Everyone overseas. However, she “Tomomi Tomosaki” is not so terrible in Japan in Japan ..
You may think unexpectedly of Tomomi very like, but it is not very popular in Japan.

In Japan, the genre “gravure idol”, contrary to its flashy industry image, unexpectedly minor It may be an industry.
So it may be necessary to earn considerable popularity in order to raise the profile in the country as a gravure idol.

In the sense that I said so, I would like Tomomi chan to do its best.

What I was most surprised about was her ‘follower number on instagram’. That number 337,508 people!
Too much! What? I thought that I was the only one? .
More surprised is that there are many people from countries other than Japanese in the followers .. Black black people of color from white Americans or Europe,
And people who are supposed to be Thailand and the Philippines .. She is a truly internationally popular gravure model.

But she is such a dynamite body that can not defeat the foreign gravure model so much, but the titles of gravure DVD and Blu-Ray are small!
It’s a shame..

But today she has received some of her gravure video.
Please have a look, if very well.

>>Please Look! Tomomi Morisaki Gravure Videos!

Thank you

Dec 04,2017
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Trends in the gravure industry in Japan.


Differences in the definition of “gravure model” and “gravure idol” in Japan.

I think that it is probably the same in countries other than Japan, but in Japan “gravure model” and The definition of “gravure idol” is different.
Generally speaking of the gravure model of Japan, women who decorate the cover or spread page of female fashion magazines or manga magazines I say that.

Speaking of gravure idols, on the other hand, for gravure models that appeared mainly in media magazines and advertisements for women,Basically, this gravure idol is basically the medium targeted by men.

Magazines for men, cartoon magazines for men, photograph collections, image videos (gravure videos), and the like are used as media.

There are parts that are common in terms of medium, but what is clear is “its target user”.

Therefore, regardless of gender, “female models” who are appointed as models for advertisements of major companies and large media,There are many things that are preferred, and you can never turn your eyes.

However, with regard to gravure idols, because of their bold and blatant expressions on their respective media and media, they can be seen from the general women with the eyes of the worst There are many things.

Gravure idol costume of Japan

Speaking of the typical one, “Swimming suit” will be listed first. This is a basic costume when photographing a gravure video.
It is very common. It is not too much to say that there are few things that this bathing suit does not appear in gravure images.

Next, it is “underwear”. Part to wear on the body. It is basically the same as a swimsuit, but women usually do not show themselves much to men By photographing a gravure scene in “underwear appearance”, men’s interests should be deeper.

Next is “Cosplay”. This is an abbreviation for “costume play”, but gravure idols dare to introduce various clothes together with situations By changing clothes, variations are expanded by the simple gravure image of “just pose in front of the camera”.

The costume is really varied. It is a school teacher figure, a bunny girl figure, a maid clothes.

“Production company side” familiar with user’s preference is also favored by users even in the light of these considerations We produce the gravure video of the content on a daily basis and send it to the world.

Gravure DVD and Blu – ray are very fast cycles for very new releases. That momentum has a tremendous thing.This may not be limited to gravure video. Music CD, music video, movie, drama.It is common in these media industries.

Graubia advancement such as “women’s announcer” and “sports athlete” far from gravure.

Even though it is a gravure idol, it is not necessarily just a woman who debutted, always aiming for a gravure idol from the beginning.
It is a fact that some women enter the gravure industry from totally different worlds / fields.

Particularly in recent years in Japan, it is not unusual for “women’s announcer” to release gravure photo collections.Ayako Kato, Shima Takeuchi, Mai Dmizu, Minami Tanaka and so on ..

Recently the women’s announcer “Minami Tanaka” who left the Japanese TV station “TBS” is a good example.

Although she also has released gravure photo collections, she decorated the cover of Japan’s popular fashion magazine “anan” with a bold exposure figure, from Japanese citizens There was a big response.
Many men were pleased with this cover visual of her, but on the other hand, some general women gave a complaint.

Unlike the United States and Europe, Japanese women may have a slightly severe “eye” for same sex.


And women’s professional athletes entering the gravure

A professional athlete can do the same thing. Figure Skating “Fumie Suguri” “Mai Asada” Women’s Football Original Nadeshiko Japan “Karina Maruyama” synchronized swimming “Ai Aoki” and so on.
Even if it says gravure, it is never an image video or the like, it also includes photograph collections that appear alone, as well as gravure pages of male magazines.

Some girls’ professional wrestling players also appear in gravure videos.

Women who challenge gravure if their popularity is sluggish in their profession, or work decreases.

Unlike the United States and Europe, Japan is a race who resists exposure of the skin.
Therefore, women of profession irrelevant to gravure in Japan have bold exposure of the skin, gravure photographs and gravure images To take a picture requires considerable resolution.If it is normal, I will not do such a thing.

However, women who live in a professional world regardless of genre, as the popularity is sluggish and the work dramatically decreases, “Barely exposing the skin and appearing in the media”There is a tendency to run to the behavior that.Many of them are “female announcer”, “idol singer” or “actress”.

Although it can not be said unequivocally that exposure will increase if work expands and popularity is necessarily improved, as mentioned above, “bold exposure of the skin”
A Japanese who has a strong sense of resistance to this embarrassing wall decides to move to action, decide to act by exposing your figure in the media The possibility of obtaining empathy from men increases. In a sense this is a fact.

In the Japanese gravure industry, always there is “new gravure idol”, including entering from a different industry from these gravure.

Even our spider Spider DVD, catching the new gravure idol information of these expectations large, and the new gravure DVD and Blu – ray earliest quickly I am planning to sell it in the shop.

Please wait looking forward to it.

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