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Basically we do not accept cancellation after your order at our shop.
However, if you purchase by mistake, depending on the situation, you have to cancel the order.It is Our shop understands that there is a possibility.

Based on certain conditions, you will be allowed to cancel the order and the transaction will be canceled immediately.

Order cancellation conditions:
In our shop, after ordering and settlement is completed. We will allow you to cancel orders only within 3 hours.
However, if three hours have elapsed after ordering, it can not be canceled.

After you complete your order and payment. If you have unavoidable circumstances and you fall under the circumstances where you have to cancel the order, please contact us directly from >> Contact from 

After we received your email. Confirm the contents, immediately cancel the order, execute full refund processing of the total price of the item paid.

However, depending on your payment method (type), time may vary until refund processing is reflected.

1. When you paid by paypal.
Please do not worry. When you paid using Paypal. After carrying out refund processing at our shop. It will be immediately reflected in your Paypal account.
You will also receive a notification from Paypal saying “There was a refund completed.”

2. When you pay with various credit cards (via Stripe).
in this case. It may take about 5-10 business days until your refund amount is credited to your account. But please do not worry. We take a reliable process at our shop, we will refund the total price for you.

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