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Anna Konno..She turned into an actress.
Let’s get her video off the gravure world right now.

Anna Konno

Hello! All Japanese gravure fans in the world.

Today’s new arrival item is Japan’s popular gravure model “Anna Konno”.
She is 28 years old now. For a young and easy-to-see Japanese .. She looks very mature.
It is a calm and baptized atmosphere.

Her charm is that plenty of breasts. It is a sexy lip.

If you see her gravure picture, it is certainly a mistake to be her prisoner.

Have you ever seen her gravure video somewhere?

But, in fact, she is now moving away from the gravure idol and into actress.
Yes, she began a new path. That is the occupation of an actress.

Have you noticed anymore? Oh yeah .. so that her gravure video for the time being new will be released
That is not to be done!

So, if you have been interested in her for a while, get it now while you are out of print
That means that you are better off.

It may not be seen anymore .. her gravure video …

Today, I have one piece of information.
She was chosen as the cover of Japan’s popular magazine “Saizo.”

Her photos at this magazine “Saizo” are also very sexy and mature.

That’s right. She is a very hard worker and I am an avid woman.
And he is a hard worker.
The spirit of challenging everything, we have to follow them as well ..

A gravure movie in which she plays, the message she tells us in the picture is very strong.
Of course it may not be a word because it is gravure.

It is a circular eyes and it is an aura that leaves her body.
If you see her gravure picture you need to feel it.

She has the power to express them with the body.
That is her talent.

Her gravure, so it is worth. I feel that way.

So our shop “Spider DVD” wants to deliver her gravure video to the gravure fans all over the world.
Please get it before you can not lose by all means. I am surely satisfied.

If you have a big display ..

A moment when you see her video will surely be a fulfilling time for you.

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