Reason for tackling gravure media sales business of Spider DVD.

Our Cyber Bronx has developed various businesses. Export sales of outdoor products besides spider DVD shop.

We love to sell products online.

We are all Japanese and I live in Japan.

However, our ideal customer, that is not a Japanese living in Japan, but a customer of a country other than Japan.

Gravure idol media which are abundantly distributed in Japan are hardly circulated outside Japan.

So we decided to spread the Japanese gravure idol media products to the world.

Until Spider DVD is born

For several years, we have experience and experience with international sales online.
As a representative of Cyber Bronx “Gen Fujiwara" has learned the fundamentals of business on online international sales at eBay and Amazon. And get many sales results.

For me, the experiences on those platforms were very valuable and also a steep road.
Certainly, these experiences were studied, I had doubts about paying expensive commissions on those platforms.
Especially media products such as DVD and Blu-ray are very inexpensive.
We sell a lot of inexpensive products. That is, it is a market with low-profit sales.

I think that it is very inefficient to sell media sales on this major platform, which must obey this thin-rice selling method.

So I decided to be independent. And spider DVD was born.

Location of Cyber Bronx


Our company is located in the city of Tokyo Suginami ward in Japan.

In this town a variety of people live alone, family, and a young couple.

There Town are so many people that they are constantly crowded.

Nearby there is a big park and rich in nature.

We will develop an e-commerce business from this place to the whole world!


Office location

LM502 1-2-10 Horinouchi, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo Japan 166-0013

phone number: + 81) 3-5929-7155

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